Saturday, January 31, 2004

Barlow girls

Via Green Fairy, I found myself on some US teen pro-abstinence website. Before you call the police I didn't stay too long, but long enough to find something to further my 24hr blogwar with Nick Barlow: this interesting definition of Barlow girls.

"So what are “Barlow Girls”? For one thing, they’re the main characters in a really cool song by Superchic[k]—but they’re also Becca, Alyssa, and Lauren, three really cool sisters Superchic[k] met in Wisconsin at their first concert. The girls, whose last name is (surprise!) Barlow, really impressed the band with their commitment to discovering God’s plan for their lives. But even though they dress modestly and have made a commitment to sexual purity (which, for them, includes not dating), guys still take notice of them—for the right reasons. As the song “Barlow Girls” says: “All the boys in the band want a valentine from a Barlow Girl/guys think they’re the bomb/cause they remind them of their mom.” "