Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Amazon purchases

I've never ordered more than one book at a time from Amazon, but spurred on by the thought of free delivery I did on Monday. I didn't seem to get free delivery, despite adding more and more books, so obviously I was misinformed there. But I have to say what an enjoyable sight a huge parcel of books is on your front door in the morning.

Anyway I might even try some book reviews. The books I bought were

What the Media Are Doing to Our Politics, by John Lloyd
Eden, by D.R. Thorpe
The Truth about Markets, by John Kay
Not on the label - the truth about what really goes into the food on your plate, by F. Lawrence.

One other thing Johann Hari links to this blog about global warming, and calls it the most 'important issue in the world'. This makes a nice change for Harry's Place, as last time they linked to a story on the issue they linked to Melanie Phillips!