Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Terror warnings

The heightened terror warnings in the US, which fortunately don't seem to apply to the UK, are another sign, in addition to the growing number of casualties from terrorism mentioned two posts below, that we are losing the war on terror.

On the specifics they seem strange. If one was a terrorist with any sense you would plan an attack on an American city other than New York, and on targets other than the New York Stock Exchange. When I was in the city in March I visted the NYSE and to put it mildly, it is heavily protected. The same, to a lesser degree, goes for the rest of the city.

Contrast that to most other American cities, which anecdotal and other evidence suggest are not particularly well guarded against terrorist activity.

A similar line of thinking applies to the UK, where an attack on (say) the City of London would have much less chance of success than (say) the prospects of one on Birmingham, or Manchester.