Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Useless Howard speaks

There's not much point in wasting much time on Michael Howard's terrible speech about crime today but a few points are worth making:

1. "mumbo-jumbo". It seems almost a law that a speech that criticise something for "mumbo-jumbo" is going to be useless. It essentially means the speaker can't be bothered to understand what he is criticising.

2. "The most reliable crime statistics those crimes actually recorded by the police". This statement is silly, and for a former home secretary to say it is even sillier.

3. It would be nice when condemning the increase in violent crime he had reminded us that during his tenure as home secretary, on the figures he prefers, the crimes he thinks matter (violent crime) rose by about 20%.

4. This bit is plain weird. "The things many politicians have been too frightened to say for far too long...Why do some parents allow their children out until the early hours?".

I could go on, but it's too dispiriting.