Sunday, October 09, 2005

Terrorism in France

Nick Cohen's latest column is almost the polar opposite of his famous 2001 column, in which he told us that:

Blair has turned himself from British Prime Minister to American ambassador and willingly accepted exhaustion and humiliation as he tours the world on the President's behalf. He has ordered British troops to stand 'shoulder to shoulder' with the US military. He has - and there's no point being prissy about this - pinned a large target sign on this country.

About the only point in common between the two columns is that its "liberals" to blame. Then they were to blame for refusing to accept the link between their actions and terrorism. Now they're to blame for making a link.

The weirdest thing about the new column is the argument about the risk of France being a victim of Islamic terrorism. France? Paris? Surely not? Who'd have thought it?

So why is Cohen ranting on about this now? I suspect he is positioning himself, in the realisation of a bomb on the Metro, so he can say that "liberals" said it couldn't happen, and therefore declare all their views are discredited. He'll probably add that the French government must be embarassed that their opposition to the war in Iraq didn't save them. And so on.