Saturday, January 07, 2006

Review of 2005

More to remind me than anything, but here is a 'best of' for this site in 2005 (up to September, as I suspect we can all remember the drivel that has occurred since then)


4th January - I bring out the big waggy finger of blame at world dictators.

6th January - This little blog takes on the might of Tesco, all over their poor choice of design. I'm pleased to announce the GPS branch has now changed queueing policy.

16th January - Guy Pelling's mother tells us that her son dressing up as the Queen is no more disrespectful than a white man blacking up.

16th January - We learn that the problem with Prince Harry's education was that it was too PC, and that it was only that the fancy-dress shop was out of stock that saved us from no.2 and no.3 in line to the throne attending a party on the Empire dressed as an "SS officer" and an "Afican savage".

25th January - The National Review bases an entire story on a figure for payroll taxes that is about 7 times too high.


4th February - I make a modest proposal for the UN to regulation claims of 'world fame'.

8th February - Melanie Phillips argues that those who say'to jaw-jaw is better than to war-war' are parroting the "all too familiar weasel words of appeasement".

9th February - I have to comment for the second time on Michael J Totten 's meeting of Christopher Hitchens: the most cringe-worthy blog post ever.


8th March - I take on "Backing Blair", by comparing them to Richard Littlejohn.

13th March - Aaro tries to get out of That Prediction.

15th March - I take on a position at Tech Central Station.

19th March - Joseph Lieberman shows he can't be trusted with numbers.

23rd March - Martin Wolf shows us that government spending doesn't appear to affect growth.

30th March - I find a mock-up of a new Observer feature on Dave Aaro.

31st March - I ask again why the BBC continue to employ a man who thinks he is his children's hamster.

31st March - Times deputy editor Patience Wheatcroft misreads an IFS's report and decides to add on more council tax [which she admitted was wrong in an email but said she didn't think it needed correcting].


1st April - I do an hilarious (though Harry didn't like it) April Fool's Day joke.

7th April - Melanie Phillip's husband appears to any many things in common with her.

11th April - Lord Bragg goes for Michael Totten's most-embarassing-post title, but falls slightly short.

15th April - I show off my new pride and joy - the Mazda Bongo.


2nd May - The wisdom of crowds appears to be in a muddle over George Galloway.

10th May - I look at what parliament the Independent really wanted...

11th May - I do millions of charts showing how the election unfolded. And more. And more.

26th May - I show that productivity in the US health-care sector has fallen 25% in 20 years


21st June - My YouGOv account reaches 30!


8th July - A Fox News anchor after the London bombing:

17th July - Nick Cohen makes allegations that aren't true and has to apologise.

27th July - Loopy right-wing conspiracy theoriesin the Samizdata comments

27th July - I remind people that Nick Cohen's not always been the fearless fighter or left-wing idiocy..."[Blair] there's no point being prissy about this - pinned a large target sign on this country".

July 24th - Mark Holland shows us what a gent he is.

World one moron lighter


August 18th - If you took your A-levels in the past I produce a helpful ready-reckoner to calculate what you would get now they have been debased [added 11/01/2006]

August 31st - I find a website whose author is less of a gent than Mark Holland.


September 16th - Is New Orleans richer than London as the Sunday Business claims? No, they've mistaken household for individual income.

September 17th - A snazzy graph showing world economic strength in 1500. Was Britain unquestionably the Second Most Powerful Nation in The World then too?

September 18th - Here I point out, with the aid of another snazzy graph, that competitiveness indices have no predictive power.