Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blah blah stuff

Aside from the fact that no-one in the film is as interested in being in the film as Dan Cruikshank* thinks they should be, I am really enjoying his series on the old colour film taken by Claude Friese-Greene.

I (and girlfriend) won a pub quiz tonight. 22! Rather annoying though, as it is our first time, the second prize seemed to be better - a dinner for two. And the prize for coming last was four pints. So it really was 'All must have prizes' as Mad Mel would say. Talking of which...

...I think it was John Band who passed on the really annoying game which only has one rule - you lose it when you remember you are playing it. After I told two friends of mine, who added a competitive element - the first to remember they were playing lost each round - it almost drove them mad. Anyway I have refined the game, and unfortunately just lost it. The rule is simply if you remember Melanie Phillips** exists, you have lost the game. The aim is to see for how long you can go without doing so. Winning it thus is a double-whammy - you are winning, and you have forgotten of Mel's existence. For some reason BD's comment below just reminded me of her existence, and thus I have lost. But this is the first time for weeks.

Charles Clarke - if Ministerial Responsibilty has anything left in it, surely he will resign? Will it give David Blunkett the chance to beat Mandelson?

Update: Michael Howard and I are using the same words! "If our traditional principles of ministerial responsibility mean anything at all, he should no longer be in his job," he told the BBC.

* Wasn't he once the telecoms regulator?
** Or Pollard, same difference.