Thursday, April 13, 2006

Oh dear big night in the pub, I can't remember what happened...

...apparently dear you set up a campaign and a website.

What the difference between this and a campaign that seems to both pre- and post-date it, the Unite Against Terror one, is hard to tell. Basically it seems to be a relaunch of that campaign. Certainly the same people appear to be behind it, though remarkably I can't see Alan 'Not the Minister' Johnson's name on this one.

It's full of the same old stuff - a whinge about the lack of representation in the 'mainstream media' for these views, in a piece written by Nick Cohen, columnist in the Observer, the Evening Standard and the New Statesman, with the report signed by Francis Wheen, deputy-editor of Private Eye, columnist in the Guardian, John Lloyd, [Update: ex-editor of the FT Magazine, now contributing editor to the newspaper and director of journalism at the newly formed Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University - thanks OK] etc.

I particularly liked the attack on those:

who pay lip-service to this aim [of building a democratic Iraq], while devoting most of their energy to criticism of their political opponents at home

This of course is something the Decent Left would never do, as most of them couldn't even be bothered with the 'lip-service' bit. Let us remember their stirring words after the London atrocities of July 2005, when explicitly asked to 'Unite Against Terror'.

Nick Cohen decided instead of attacking the terrorists, or expressing common goals amongs all Britons, to attack his political opponents at home.

The Michael Moroonification of the majority of leftish opinion might not seem to matter greatly

Peter Tatchell decided to attack his political opponents at home too, in a piece that didn't condemn the terrorist attacks once*.

We are witnessing one of the greatest betrayals by the left since so-called left-wingers backed the Hitler-Stalin pact and opposed the war against Nazi fascism

Stephen Pollard decided to attack his political opponents at home, the 'enemy within'.

The Guardianista fellow-travellers of terror, who stress its supposed causes, are the useful idiots of the Islamofascists

Anyway we shall see whether this campaign has any more impact than the Unite Against The Left, The Henry 'Scoop' Jackson Society, the March for Free Expression etc etc had.

* I should point out here that Peter Tatchell is a small 'd' decent man, and has subsequently said he regretted his statement.

Update: Here it is, a handy cut-out and keep guide to British decency. If I have made any errors or missed out key figures please let me know.