Sunday, May 07, 2006

Boring Arsenal

Rather annoying results today, meaning Arsenal pip Tottenham to the Champions' League place, though it does mean I can now support Arsenal in the final of that tournament, which is good news.

However on Sky's coverage they were waxing on nostalgically about it being the last game at Highbury, and how Arsenal had always played in a certain 'Arsenal Way' at the ground. This is surely historical revisionism. Wenger has made his Arsenal teams into exciting ones, and perhaps the 1970s and much early saw similar, but this wasn't the case for the team for much of the 1980s and 1990s prior to his arrival.

After Sky's coverage, World Wrestling Federation, or whatever it is called came on. Who actually finds that fun? Is it purely for children?

Talking of fun, the Sunday Telegraph business overdoes the smarm in this article about leading hedge fund players raising money for charity. Nevertheless surely an easier way to raise money next year would be to start Sir Elton John off singing and then conduct a Dutch auction where the first bid gets to pull the plug on the old warbler.