Thursday, May 18, 2006

Matt Central Station

Across the liberal mainstream media you may have seen reports saying that President Bush is the least popular President since Richard Milhouse Nixon. But guess what? It's not true. Not at all. In fact even today, despite all of the LMSM's attempt, he has a higher approval rating than five US presidents had at their least popular (since Dwight D Eisenhower).

This chart is what you might have seen. The line shows the approval of US presidents since the war, ranging from Eisenhower to Bush II. Now it looks, or more accurately, the MSM wants it to look, as if President Bush has lower popularity than anyone since Nixon.

And indeed that is true, if you are interested in the views of 'percents'. What are 'percents' you may ask? Good question. An accurate description is too complex to go into now, but believe me when I tell you they aren't of much interest, mainly because it is slightly foreign. Like kilometres. And they were invented by the French.

What we want to know is what Americans think, not percents. Honest, tax-paying, hard-working, family-supporting, Americans. Well opinion polls still insist on using a randomised non-biased sample, so we can't yet work that out. But bloggers are working on it, and with typical American ingenuity they'll find a solution. In the meantime the best we can do is look at what all Americans are thinking. And now we see the LMSM's trick - it's not fair to expect President Bush to have as high proportion of the population supporting him as previous President's did, as there are now far more Americans than there used to be.

To give an example. You know your immediate neighbours, get on well with them, like to have them around for a Bud and a steak? Then the people a bit further away, you see them from time to time, discuss the latest National Review column. But the ones yet further away - you don't know them well, perhaps wave at them as you drive past their homes. And people in Canada - you hardly know them at all. Some of the lilly-livered socialists you may even dislike and they dislike you.

The same goes for President Bush. Of course Eisenhower had 80% popularity. There were only a few million Americans. President Bush has to deal with nearly 300m of us. How could he ever be that popular? This corrected chart shows the number of Americans who approve of the President. Not only was Bush the most popular president in history a few years' ago, when 225m Americans approved of him, but even today 86.6m Americans approve of him. That's more than the population of Germany.

It's also more than the 81.0m who approved of President Bush I in July 1992, or the 84.4m who approved of the Gipper in January 1983, or the 61.3m who approved of Jimmy Carter in July 1980, or the 79.5m for President Ford in July 1975, or the 51.3m for President Nixon in July 1971, or the 70.3m for Lyndon Johnson in August 1968, or even the 86.5m who approved of President Eisenhower in March 1958. In other words only President's Bush's predecessor and John K Kennedy have enjoyed more Americans approving of them in their worst moments. And they were both Democrats, so do you believe them?

Conclusively therefore I have proved that far from being the 2nd least popular President in our history, President Bush is the most popular President with real Americans. And when your effete, latte-drinking neighbours tell you otherwise, ask them what would they rather have fighting the Terrorists? 50% of the US Army, or 100,000 true American heroes?