Friday, July 07, 2006

Library access

It's a few months old now but I've only just noticed it. Most people with a UK public library membership can now access a range of services which previous needed a subscription such as the OED, DNB, and NewsUK, which seems to be a searchable database of UK newspapers since 1991* **, and loads more.

* This is really good and will come in useful in blog arguments. I've already been reduced to looking up bloggers. I'm pleased to note that Oliver has been getting his teeth into Chomskyism since at least 1997.

** And a 10 years of Nick Cohen idiocies! This truly is a gift that will go on giving. His dislike of Rory Bremner seems to be as post-Berman as his support for US foreign policy, he was quite chummy pre-2003. On him an Aaro, here's one reason why they don't seem to get on -

Right of Reply - Dec 30th, 1999

THE WHINGEING style as much as the meagre content of consensual pundits provides the best reason for believing that Blairism is a continuation of Thatcherism. Once again we hear the self-pity of received opinion as well-heeled columnists announce that they are persecuted dissidents; brave voices of truth who risk all to tell it like it is with only the Prime Minister, the BBC, big business and their editors standing between them and the gulag - or, at least, a snub at a dinner party. In the Christmas Eve edition of The Independent, David Aaronovitch shared the pain that I, the New Statesman and Private Eye had caused him when we implied that he was "a man who could be relied on to write as No 10 required". My "spiteful" crime - I cannot answer for others - was to mention his Osric role in the Millbank assault on the independent-minded Rhodri Morgan when he sought to become Labour leader in Wales...