Sunday, September 24, 2006

Who would believe it?

In today's Sunday Telegraph Patrick Hennessy conducts an interesting interview/piece with the Chancellor in New York. Naturally the subject of the Chancellor's views on America is raised, and Hennessy has this amazing nugget of information:

While Mr Brown has some form as an Atlanticist - he is close to some of Mr Clinton's aides, such as Bob Shrum, and has holidayed on Cape Cod

This month's other mentions:

Alex Brummer, Daily Mail, 18th September ("just a question of holidaying in Cape Cod and recruiting big American")
Gideon Rachman, FT, 11th September ("preferred holiday destination is Cape Cod and he likes nothing better")
Unsigned profile, Irish Times, 9th September ("and history and has holidayed at Cape Cod for many years. He supported")
Guardian Quiz (Thanks to Chris).