Tuesday, November 14, 2006

To the ends of the Earth...and beyond

I'd missed this article by Tim Hames on the Iraq war in which he says that it does not matter how bad an idea any American foreign policy adventure would be, he would still insist on British troops joining in. You'll note he is not offering to join in himself, so these are other people's lives he is throwing away for no reason. The example he gives (which might seem in jest, but as it is making his main point, can't be) would mean certain death for the Parachute Regiment and not a single gain, except perhaps gratitude on the part of a about to be electorally-destroyed government.

I am a neo-American. I think that when US foreign policy is wise Britain should back it to the hilt and when it looks wayward we should be in the thick of it so that we can be a potential influence. So if the Americans opted to liberate Pluto tomorrow I would think to myself (i) that is a little odd, (ii) is it worth the effort when the place is not formally a planet anymore? and (iii) how can we ensure that there are seats in their spaceships for the Parachute Regiment?