Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sweepstake time

A Simply Red Stars album for the person who most accurately gets the number of words Oliver Kamm will put on his blog in December, the month in which he would he said it 'would not be updated'.

So far the total is 10,740 words by December 13th (and Oliver didn't start until Dec 6th). A linear extrapolation suggests he will reach 38,537 by December 31st, but a much better fit is the expoential curve as noted on the chart, which leads us to the conclusion that 17,643,259 words will be written by the end of the month. This is a remarkable 11 words a second on average, and 68 words a second on New Year's Eve!

So between 10,740 and 17,643,259 (unless Oliver ups his rate in the latter half of the month). Place yer bets!

Update: Dan is desperate to win the Simply Red Stars album, of which he is known to be fond, and has asked for clarification of the rules. Essentially the word count will be what Microsoft Word says it is for all the posts in December, excluding the original which said there would be no posts, but including the dates/headlines/name etc, ie all text. "I don't believe in many things", sang the Great Man, and I don't believe Oliver will change his behaviour to win the CD, but to ensure against blatant cheating he is not allowed to enter.

Update II: The closing date is Monday 18th.

Update III: "The Great Man" referred to in "Update" is me being sarcastic, and refers to Mick Hucknall, not Oliver Kamm. Oliver has much more progressive views on copyright protection and does not think of himself as a communist. In fact remembering how much Hucknall's Guardian article annoyed me, I'm changing the prize to an illegal copy of Simply Red's Stars, not the original (note, it's a notional prize, M'lord).