Monday, November 26, 2007

Melanie Phillips takes to the offensive

To the People of Australia, she thunders:

Whatever now happens, the fact that he ran on a platform of pulling troops out of Iraq and endorsing the ludicrous scam of man-made global warming are enough in themselves to tell the jihadis that Australia has now lost its (one-man) nerve. Australia just made itself (and the rest of us) a whole lot less safe.

That isn't the loopiest thing she says today, however. That surely must be this piece, in which she declares:

Whatever actually happens at Annapolis, what is blindingly obvious right now is the extent of America’s betrayal of the Jewish people and, in the process, of its own supposed core doctrine post 9/11...Annapolis is America’s Munich — and Israel is the new Czechoslovakia

It is hard to know where to begin.

Update: Andrew in the comments points out that in the Daily Mail (mine were in Spectator - links added now) she is wibbling on about creationism and all that. It is indeed strange that she is so keen on that (and on the Measles vaccination scare long after it was sensible) and yet talks about rationality, much like she goes on about conspiracy theorists and yet believes such huge ones herself, such as the Bush Administration one above. By the way, Melanie, as Nick points out here it wasn't Blair's religious views that looked nutterish, it was his nutterish behaviour (presuming the account is accurate, which given its in the Daily Mail, her own paper, I assume it must be).