Monday, December 17, 2007

Food halls of London

Here is my guide according to the amount of free tasters you get:


Very disappointing. Walked around three times and saw nothing. Remember in the past they sometimes give a few chocolates away. 1/10


Even more disappointing. Almost nothing. Can't remember ever once getting anything, except perhaps a free Krispy Kreme when that first launched. 0/10

Fortnum and Masons

Zilch. Maybe if you took your butler?

John Lewis

A small piece of stilton, but ruined by it being handed out by an assistant who gave it to you meaning you couldn't get seconds. However free glass of red wine in the homeware section. 4/10

Whole Foods Market

Easily the winner. Starts of with bits of stollen, then salted caramels, moving onto cheese, then piece of strawberries and finally chocolates. Could probably stay here all day and not have to buy any food. 9/10

Galeries Lafayette (Paris)

Disappointing. Will let you try cheeses if you ask in fluent French. 0/10