Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Extraordinary rendition

Oliver Kamm makes a powerful defence of his argument in favour of rendition by quoting some of those who disagreed with him in the comments box of Comment is Free (I quote one below because it upset Stephen Pollard that he was not mentioned in it).

This doesn't quite convince me, however. Norman Geras makes the strong argument that this is not purely a theoretical argument, but a practical one and one that involves taking terrorist suspects and often dropping them off in countries that do practice torture. Practically, 'm not sure there would be much of an outcry if the US kidnapped Osama Bin Laden and dropped him off at The Hague for a trial.

Oliver's answer to this appears to be a straight version of David Aaronvitch's jibe about people wanting the Nelson Mandela International Peace Corps to invade Iraq, basically that rendition could be fine and dandy as long as Amnesty International were flying the planes and Human Rights Watch were receiving the suspects.

There are of course a host of other problems with rendition, even if this was the case.